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Brush 01 has been specifically designed to work with MbyM Expensive Skin Foundation. Synthetic bristles allow for the perfect application of cream foundation.

Brush 02 takes the guess work out of makeup brushes. Use brush 02 with Tiffany Powder to set foundation, apply bronzer, blush and highlighter.

Brush 03 is a multi tasking brush that can be used for primer, concealer, foundation and cream contour. 

Brush 04 is a small tapered brush. Use to apply powder under the eyes and in target areas of the face.

Brush 05 features soft, synthetic brush hairs. Use to flawlessly apply cream or liquid products in target areas the face. Great for applying concealer and cream contour.

Apply blush flawlessly with brush 06.  Soft, fluffy brush hairs are tapered perfectly to fit the contour of the cheeks!

Bronzer Brush 07 features soft, synthetic bristles perfectly tapered to apply bronzer flawlessly. 



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